Repair works


The summer holidays are underway, and the school is already preparing for the new school year. Repair works on renovation of school premises began.

For the first time in many years, a major renovation of the school dining room for the money has been removed from the development budget. Plastic windows are installed, works are underway to replace water supply and drainage sources, and new equipment is planned to be purchased. In the near future, preparations for the installation of the floor will end.

On the first and second floors of the school, the common areas were completely renovated and new plumbing was installed. There are repair works in classrooms. Classrooms number 226 (teacher Sidenko L.M.), №359 (teacher Voskolovych Zh.Yu.), №361 (teacher Zasiadko L.V.) are updated.

The school is grateful to parents for helping them carry out repairs and prepare for a new school year.