Together for the best internet!


The first day. The Week of Safe Internet has started today. From the very morning in the lobby of the school was placed an unusual vase, thanks to which everyone could promise to use the Internet safely. A week ago, students of 3 classes who, together with computer science teacher Anastasiia Orlenko, took part in an interactive lesson entitled Safe Traveling Onlandia’s Web Country. Students in the 5th grade tested their readiness for independent work in the global network during the study of the topic “Security on the Internet”. The five-year-olds competed in solving various problems, determined the more proficient in the solution of the rebuses, and, together with the computer teachers, Oleksii Zadyranov and Vladyslav Prudenko made the basic rules of safe work on the World Wide Web. The 8-B class students joined the distribution of the idea of ​​a safe Internet and presented third-grade mini-show “Adventures of the Unknown Web”. During the information hours, pupils of 2-11 classes expanded their knowledge about safe use of the Internet.