Goodbye “Wonderland”!


That’s the day of the funeral of the school camp “Wonderland”. Recreation program consisted of many competitions, sports and excursions. The active participation of children in drawing competition “Draw city”, “Rules of safe behavior with fire,” “Summer vacation by my eyes,” competition “Fine lady”, master class “stitching together” in the Cossack entertainment and more. An unforgettable experience for children left Activity drama and puppet theaters, Fire and Rescue Exhibition, bakery. Deepened outlook of students, trips to Cherkasy Institute of Fire Safety named after Heroes of Chernobyl and the Philharmonic. Quickly passed away days of rest, the last time in camp to make the change and share experiences, children had an opportunity at the celebration of the closure of the camp changes school summer camp “Wonderland”.

In a festive lineup of students who rested in the “Wonderland” welcomed the head of the camp Svitlana Ostapenko, she wished the students good rest during the summer months and with new strength in September continue to acquire solid knowledge. On the line of kids sang songs, danced, recited poems, saying goodbye to friends and teachers. The students are well rested in the camp thanks to the hard work of primary school teachers: Mohylna T.M., Mykhailenko I.P., Motrenko S.M., Polunina O.O., Sichkar T.P., Sidenko L.M., Shevchenko N.A., Harazhun L.V., Osadcha I.V., Honcharenko I.A., teacher of Physical Education Dikhtiarenko O.V. Teachers at the school want all students a warm summer, new experiences, good health, and are waiting for a meeting next year.