Professional restart


“Creative education for the development of innovative activities of the teacher” on this topic began teachers of the school restart. By implementing innovative technologies, teachers have developed 4K skills, which are a major component of 21st century education. Biology teacher Dovhal L.V. held a master class on the use of creative education technologies in teaching. Teachers Sotulenko O.Yu., Satanivska I.V., Solomka O.M. presented their work on the study and distinguish information media literacy project at school. The members of the pedagogical council approved the action plan for further introduction of creative education in the educational process. During the meeting, the results of the educational achievements of the first semester recipients were summarized, the surveys of the participants of the educational process on the evaluation of the quality of educational processes were analyzed, and a working group was created to develop the strategy of the institution development. The decisions made will help to find ways for pedagogical self-realization, will make learning infinitely varied and interesting.