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Training of eTwinning Plus project was held in Kiev in the International Institute of Management. Our school was represented by O.O.Bilous, Deputy Principal, I.V.Karbivnycha. English teacher, O.Yu.Sotulenko, History teacher

 eTwinning Plus is the working space of the program eTwinning within the scope of the Eastern Partnership of the European Union.

eTwinning is the educational program of the European Commission launched in 2005 with the aim to develop cooperation of the European schools. Teachers and pupils registered in eTwinning have the possibility to realize common projects with the other European schools. The key constituent of the education is the usage of information and communication technologies.  eTwinning project expands the area of the educational possibilities for the pupils and the teachers, increases the motivation to learn and openness level towards Europe.

Online eTwinning Plus was developed with the goal to involve in the project neighbouring countries  of EU  within the European Neighbourhood Policy aimed to extend the relations among the EU members and neighbouring countries.

eTwinning is the strong motive to learn foreign languages and improve the level of IT application. The program provides the possibility for the pupils to train skills of team creation and attain the experience to form common projects. Besides, they come to know the culture of the other European countries and find new friends.

In its turn the Ukrainian teachers have the possibility to make contacts with the teachers of the other European countries. eTwinning Plus becomes the territory for them to communicate and exchange experience, useful information and the methods of teaching.

The training participants during two days improved the skill to develop projects, worked in team,   saw the examples of the best projects of the Ukrainian and Latvian participants, took part in practical works and workshops.

So, eTwinning program is the nice possibility to realize creative approach to education and remind teachers and pupils that to teach and learn is not only necessary but interesting!

Please, join!