Project Realization

Work on the school project “Development of social cohesion of subjects of educational process” took place in three stages.

In the first phase (diagnostic), in January, the project coordinator school was attended workshop on the participation of schools in this project. The participants outlined the main activities and objectives of the schools in the project and shared their creative ideas. The next step in the project was to study the needs of students, teachers and parents on the main elements of the educational process and the establishment of the initiative group (composed of students, parents and school teachers). The initiative group considering the wishes and needs of project participants made a plan of action.

In the second phase, which began in February, school family was actively involved in the project in school life. Since the International Day of Happiness trainings were held for students in grades 7-9, parents and teachers on the theme: “The desire of everyone to be happy. True and false values ​​on the road to happiness”. The purpose of the event was to develop communication skills, empathic and reflective abilities in the classroom to improve relations team. Students of 5th graders participated in the training “Let’s be friends” the purpose of which was to promote the development of friendly relations between students and schools to increase their level of cohesion.

The next step in the project was the Day of unity and social cohesion. This day is remembered by all as held in a rather unusual manner.

In addition, the project held a workshop for the participants of the All-Ukrainian project “Development of social cohesion of subjects of educational process”. The event was attended by representatives of 24 schools.

April month was also very busy. We celebrated the World Health Day. The entire school community gathered in the morning in the school yard for the morning exercise. The exercise was held in the form of flesh mob where everyone can choose to perform the movements. Volunteer Club “Vector” organized game-quest “Journey along the path of health” for students in grades 1-4. Each class received routing, and during breaks moved from station to station, solving interesting tasks. Together with Euro club “Commonwealth” volunteers organized a tasting of herbal teas “Traditional medicine in the fight against disease”. Interesting and exciting time communications were “Professions of my parents’ and educational classes in the form of workshops”.

The third phase of the project took place on the work done analysis and presentation of results. In late April, was held a “round table” to exchange experiences among the participating schools of Cherkasy region on project implementation. The participants shared their experiences of participation and analyzed the work, shared best practices on cohesion subjects of educational process. All results and get proposals from project participants will be included in a plan of schools for the next academic year.