The results of school project ” The New Year Wonders”.

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The results of school project ” The New Year wonders” are announced. The jury which consists of the Speaker of the School Parliament Daria Pidchasuk, the Deputies of Speaker Maria Talalaievska and Alina Rzhevska and the academicians of Children’s Association “The Country of Adventures” PavloКorobko and Anastasiya Bilous defined the winners of competitions: “The Best ecological New Year Tree”, ” The Best New Year Newspaper” and ” The Best Decoration of Classrooms”. The competition “The Best ecological New Year Tree” had winners in many nominations: “The Most Original New Year Tree”1-C, 3-А, 6-B, 7-А; “The Most Festive New Year Tree” 4-B, 6-А, 7-B, 8-А, 11-B; ” The New Year Tree of my Dream” 2-А, 2-C, 4-C, 9-А, 9-B, 10-А; “New Year Tree as the Gift of the Year” 1-А, 5-А, 5-B, 11-А; “The Most Creative New Year Tree” 1-B, 2-B, 3-B, 4-А; “The Best New Year Composition” 6-C. In the competition “The Best New Year Newspaper” the first place won 2-А, 2-B, 5-B, the second place won 1-А, 1-B, 9-А, 10-А forms, the third place won 6-А, 9-B and 11-B forms.

In the competition “The Best Classrooms’ Decoration” the jury defined as the winners the pupils of 1-B and 9-А forms, the second place won 3-А and 6-C forms, the third was taken by the 1-C and 10-А forms.

The School Parliament and The Academic Council of Children’s Association ” The Country of Adventures” are thankful to all pupils, teachers, parents for their active part in the New Year competitions and wish to continue to be active in the development of intellectual and creative capabilities of schoolchildren.