Week of Safe Internet


A week devoted to the Day of Safe Internet was held at the school. During the week, various events were held to raise the attention of the school community to the problems associated with even such a useful invention of mankind as the Internet. Within the framework of the week, English speaking teachers, together with pupils of grades 9-11, held a tournament of oratory on the theme “Does modern Internet regulation require from controlling state bodies?”. Despite the desire of modern youth to freedom, most participants still agreed that the state should pursue a regulatory policy in relation to the information that is covered on the Internet. According to the results of the tournament, a student of the 11th grade Yelyzaveta Tsyhannyk (teacher Voskolovych Zh. Yu.) received a diploma for the 1st place. II place was taken by a student of the 11th grade Matiushenko Natalia (teacher Voskolovych Zh.Yu.), and the third place was divided between Osiyan Ivan and Ihnatieva Evelina from the 9th grade (teacher Voitsekhovska O.V.). Students in grades 8-11 took part in the Cisco Networking Academy, Cyber policies of Ukraine and ERC and joined the online Cisco Web ex tutorial, after which all those who could have been tested were able to obtain a certificate of participation in the webinar. Teachers-subjects in their lessons also have not neglected the theme of the safe Internet. At the lessons of the foundations of health, the teacher Molodychuk H.P. trained for 5-9 year students. So, the 6th grade students worked on mini-projects “Internet Opportunities”, “Dangers of the Internet”. And the students of the 9th form discussed “Cyber bullying”. Teacher of Fine Arts Plahotnia H.L. together with students of 5-7 classes formulated 8 rules of safe conduct on the Internet. The result of their collaborative work was a collage of illustrations that students created to these rules. At the physical education classes this week, teachers paid special attention to their physical health, since it is not a secret that long stay at a computer negatively affects the well-being of children and is the cause of scoliosis. They introduced children with exercises that help relieve tension from the muscles of the body and the eyes. During the week in computer science classes, students shared their personal experiences regarding the safe use of the global network and, at the end of the lesson, offered one advice from the class that would help school students to feel confident and protected while working on the Internet. It did not take a week and no moving competition. As part of the “I and the Internet” quest, organized by Didenko A.O., students of 3 classes performed interesting tasks on logic, decoded messages and solved the rebuses. To pass the quest “In search of treasures of the White Gates” conducted by V. V. Prudenko, students of the 5th grade showed the ability to apply the latest technologies for receiving tasks and answers to them, demonstrated the ability to think logically and critically evaluate the information coming from the Internet . Since it was necessary not only correctly, but also to quickly provide answers to the task, children had to combine mental work with physical activity, which was more interesting in the quests. As a result, the pupils of the 3-A class (class teacher Sichkar T.P.) got the victory among the participants of the junior school, second place was taken by pupils of the 3-B class (class teacher Harazhun L.V.), and the third place was received by 3-V class students (class teacher Sidenko L.M.). Smarter and faster pupils of the 5-B class were among the five-year-olds (class teacher O. B. Zadyranov); second place was taken by pupils of the 5-V class (class teacher Chernukha V. S.). At the end of the week, classroom executives conducted a thematic class “Security on the Internet: How not to get into the scammers’ network in social networks,” during which students, along with teachers, discussed ways to avoid unpleasant situations that may occur when communicating in social networks, active the users of which is the majority of participants in the educational process.

For a detailed overview of how the Safe Internet Day in Ukraine and in the world was held, please visit https://www.saferinternetday.org/