Results of educational achievements


The results of student achievements for the 2017-2018 academic year are summed up. 28 students graduated from high school and received praiseworthy letters for their high achievements in the study: Maksym Kozlovsky, Kristina Liapkalo, Eva Opara, Veronica Rosina (3-A), Kateryna Veremienko, Eliza Sabadazh (3-B), Yegor Skrypnyk, Nika Tropina (4-A), Mikhailo Bezugly, Anastasia Kliuchnikova (4-B), Victoria Martiusheva (6-A), Elzara Rosina (6-B), Yelyzaveta Shatan (6-B), Artem Smotrytel (8-A) , Snizhana Grysiuk (8-B), Olha Batiakova, Denis Kozlovsky, Stanislav Rudenko, Viktoria Solomakha (10-A).

According to the results of the year and the compilation of the state final certification, the certificate of honors will be given to students of the 9th grade Anna Inozemets and Anastasia Nehriy.

The highest index of performance was shown by classes: 11-B class (class teacher Budavitska S.V.) – 8.6; 10-A class (class teacher Kononenko T.H.) – 8.5, 3-A class (class teacher Sichkar T.P.) – 8.4, 5-A class (class teacher Voskolovych Zh.Yu.) – 8.3 and 5-B class (class teacher O. Zadyranov) – 8.2.

Appropriate level of educational achievement showed 210 students, average – 252 students. The general school index of academic achievement is 7.6.

School administration, school parliament, Academic Council of Children’s Association “Country of Adventures” sincerely congratulate all students, teachers, parents with the end of the school year and wish happiness, inexhaustible inspiration, good rest on summer holidays and conquer new peaks of knowledge in 2018-2019 academic year.