First steps of distance learning


There is such a critical moment from which a teacher can no longer work without modern technology. He begins to use a variety of services not only to facilitate his work, but also for communicating with colleagues, students, parents, and society. So the teachers of our school do not stand aside, but improve their pedagogical skills.

During 2017, teachers of the school successfully completed their distance learning courses, where they had the opportunity to improve their information and communication competence. :

- “Google Services” in the professional activity of the teacher (Sichkar T.P., Ostapenko S.P., Artiomova U.O., Didenko A.O., Plakhotnia H.L., Tereshchenko I.V., Zanizdra L.I. ., Polunina O.O., Draka O.V., Mohylna T.M., Honcharenko I.A.).

- «Google Apps» in the professional activity of the teacher of the educational institution (Sichkar T.P., Plakhotnia H.L., Polunina О.О., Honcharenko І.А.).

- “Study Classroom” (Didenko A.O., Zadyranov O.B., Prudenko V.V.)

- master class “Creation of interactive worksheets” (Zadyranov O.B., Kolomiets L.M., Kononenko T.H.)

- School of responsible teaching “Overcoming the digital divide” (Kononenko T.H., Artiomova U.O., Budavitska S.V., Ostapenko S.P., Mohylna T.M., Satanivska I.V., Hryhorenko M.O.). Teacher Molodychuk G.P. took part in the workshops “Moovly Video Presentation”, “We Feed Presentations – Magic Scribing”, “Modern Interactive Presentations. Prezi “conducted by the Distance Academy of VS” Osnova “.

In addition, the teachers of the school were engaged in self-development and self-education on the educational platform of VUM online and passed the courses “Introduction to Mediation”, “Creative Thinking”, “Critical Thinking”, “Strategic Thinking” (Ostapenko S.P., Artiomova U.O., Budavitska S.V., Klymenko O.I., Dovhal L.V., Sidenko L.M., Plakhotnia H.L., Kononenko T.H., Zasiadko L.V., Dziuba A.O., Voskolovych Zh.Yu., Voitsekhovska O.V., Honcharenko I.A., Zanisdra L.I., Polunina O.O., Kolomiets L.M., Zadyranov O.B., Savelieva M.I., Osadcha I.V. )

For persistent work, all participants received certificates.