Teaching Council


A meeting of the teachers’ council, which traditionally takes place during the winter holidays, was held.

This school year, the school teaching staff worked on the scientific and methodical problem “From innovative content and technology through teacher pedagogical skills to quality education and creative individual student.”

In pedagogical pleased considered the question: “Development of a creative competence of students – the actual social order.” The deputy director of educational work Barsukova L.M. analyzed the impact of the use of subject teachers, new learning technologies, application forms and methods of work of the classroom teacher for innovative learning system that would allow increasing the efficiency of formation and development of the creative person of the teacher and the student. In the report the deputy director Barsukova L.M. outlined key issues that are necessary to implement among the teaching staff to improve the efficiency of the educational process in terms of innovation school.

Teaching Council passed in a practical and constructive atmosphere, and its solution will help with implementing a competency approach to the formation of the pupil in the modern educational process.