Partnership and creativity

вкуток креатив

Ability to think creatively is an important condition for the development of a successful personality. Creative people often seem special and unusual, capable of “nothing” to create “something”. Creativity involves a new vision of reality, overcoming of stamps and stereotypes, readiness to refuse from the usual schemes and methods of work, standards of behavior and thinking. The ways of development of creativity of students during the educational process in the conditions of Nursery School, were discussed at the pedagogical council “Partnership of the family and school in the formation of the child’s creativity”. Deputy Director of the School of Educational Work Parnachova N.V. familiarized the present members of the Pedagogical Council with the theoretical foundations of creative thinking. Teachers worked out the proposed exercises for the development of creative abilities, developed concrete steps to create conditions for the formation of students’ creativity in partnership with parents and proposed to discuss three school projects. During the vote, the most votes received the STEM education project, over which the school’s sixth family will work during the year under the slogan: “Creativity means digging deeper, looking better, diving into depth, passing through walls, lighting the sun, building a castle in the sand, welcome the future”.