Vegetables for us – it’s cool!


The project “Healthy schools: for the sake of healthy and joyful schoolchildren”. Under the slogan “Vegetables for us – it’s cool!” Vegetable days went to school. These days have become remarkable and memorable for a long time since the students were able to engage in interesting quests, contests and unconventional moves. Pupils of the first grade with great pleasure played the game “Guess the vegetable to taste and smell”. Second classmates joined the quest “Vegetable races”, during which they learned not only about the benefits of vegetables, but also what creative dishes can be prepared from different vegetables. Pupils, drawings and posters “Vegetable fantasies” were organized by pupils of 3-4 classes. Thanks to the pupils of the 8-9th grade, all elementary school students took part in funny vitamin breaks and movements, during which they could have fun and eat fresh vegetables. Students from the 5-7th form, who presented their research projects “How Many Vegetables To Eat Everyday,” did not stay aside.