Education for sustainable development in distance learning


Students of 11th, 8th and 7th grades of our school continue their education in the interests of sustainable development, even in quarantine, remotely. Together with the trainers of the public organization Aiesec on the Zoom platform, students and teachers of biology and ecology Dovhal L. and Klymenko O. underwent interactive training on the course “17 goals of sustainable development”. For students in grades 7-8, the trainers conducted classes on “Goal 12 Responsible Consumption and Production”, “Goal 13 Climate Mitigation”. Students of our school conducted this training with interest, the audience of our environmentally conscious boys and girls was 90 people from among students of 7 A, B, V and 8 A, B, V classes.
A video conference in Zoom was held for 11th grade graduates on the topic “Goal 16 Peace and Justice”, “Goal 17 Partnership for Sustainable Development”. Our future graduates actively participated in a lively discussion, freely expressed their opinions on relevant issues. During the discussion, our 11th graders demonstrated remarkable knowledge, beliefs and values ​​that developed during the study of biology and ecology in the educational process of the school and were formed through constant activities in extracurricular activities in school projects and activities “School Workshop of Sustainable Development”.