Olympic winners


The results of the II stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad on basic disciplines were summed up. This year, schoolchildren won seventeen victories. To the “golden treasury of the school” added two first, six second and nine third places. Zalanda Ahmed (10A) won the 1st place in the Olympiad in Ecology and was second in the Biology Olympiad. The Olympiad in Biology was victorious also for Iryna Vovk (11B) – 1st place, Alisa Fartushnia (11B), Snizhana Hrysiuk (8B) – II place, Nikita Tovstropyat (9B) – III place. Natalia Kolomiets (11B) received the second place in biology and the third place in chemistry. Immediately 3places were won by a student of 9A class Alina Koval (biology, history and jurisprudence). Mayor of the City Mayor Anna Inozemets (9A) took second place in chemistry for the second year in a row, and Denis Kozlovsky (10A) took the third place in history. Our students at the French Olympiad again marked the second place: Anastasia Vyshomirska (11A), ІІІ place – Ivan Postolenko (8А). Ruslan Plastun (11A) brought the third place in computer science. A successful debut was of the 6B student Yelyzaveta Shatan, who won the third place in mathematics.

Teachers who trained bright pupils: Klymenko O.I., Dovhal L.V., Budavitska S.V., Draka O.V., Sotulenko O.Yu., Artiomova U.O., Parnachova N.V. and Zadyranov O.B.

At the beginning of the new year, eleven students will take part in the III (regional) stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad on basic disciplines. From biology – Snizhana Hrysiuk (8B), Iryna Vovk, Natalia Kolomiets (11B); from chemistry – Anna Inozemets; from French – Anastasia Vyshomirska (11A); from computer science – Ruslan Plastun (11A). We have the largest representation in ecology, namely Zalanda Ahmed (10A) and students who won the Internet Olympiad victories: Iryna Vovk, Alisa Fartushnia, Natalia Kolomiets and Kateryna Korzhyk (11B).

The entire school family sincerely congratulates the winners and their teachers and wishes success at the next stages of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad on basic disciplines!