Trench candles for soldiers of the Armed Forces


A trench candle not only shines, but also warms. With its help, fighters can cook food, heat water for tea, etc. Among the advantages of trench candles is mobility: with candles it is easy to move from position to position. They are immediately ready for use, quickly light up without additional time and effort, burn despite wind, moisture and rain.
The school community is starting to make trench candles for the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which are now so needed on the front lines by our defenders. Last school year, with the support of children, parents and caring colleagues, school volunteers made 9,550 trench candles and handed them over to the units of our defenders.
Currently, there is a need for metal jars, cardboard and especially paraffin or wax.
Collection of ingredients for the production of candles is in the hall of the first floor from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays, contact person Kharchenko Ya.Yu. – 0939657436
Join in! Thank you for your understanding and support!
Together we are Power!