New Year’s mood of school


New Year holidays are the expectation of a miracle and the fulfillment of the most cherished dreams. We begin to prepare for them in advance: we decorate the fir trees, buy gifts for relatives and friends, and look for the most unlikely recipes of dishes, creating this New Year’s mood. Students, teachers and parents of our school began to prepare for New Year’s holidays beforehand. In the lobby a beautiful Christmas tree lit up with lights, its younger sisters settled down, made in various techniques and a fabulous lawn with a charming scoreboard, on which each day the number of days remaining before the beginning of the New Year changed. Classical teams have created New Year’s mood for it in their classes: rain, serpentine, balls, icicles and toys sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow.

On the eve of New 2018, the whole school family welcomes the community of the city, Ukraine and the whole world, and calls for the preservation of the main ecumenical miracle – life!