New Year parties


In the renovated assembly hall New Year parties for elementary school took place. Students were entertained by fairy-tale heroes: Baba Yaga (Ysyhannyk Yelyzaveta / Feshchenko Zlata), Robber (Vovkotrub Yuriy / Borysenko Taras), Charming Fairy (Rumiantseva Marina / Kolomiets Natalia), Musketeer (Grinenko Kiril / Gryhorash Nazar) and wonderful leaders (Bezhuba Alina / Vovk Iryna). The children drove round dances around the Christmas tree, sang New Year’s songs, recount riddles and read poetry. Various carnival costumes and masks were made by pupils and parents for the holidays. Princesses, Superheroes, Elves, Snowflakes, Wolves, Lions, Queen of Flowers and many others admired the eyes of the participants and guests of the enchanting action.

At the end of the holiday, Father Frost (Oparin Illia / Ihnatenko Vladyslav) and Snow Maiden (Bilous Olha) congratulated beginners with the New Year, wished to have a good rest on vacations and to continue to travel with a new valley of knowledge with new forces.