News of the Research Camp “Explore the World”


Together with the teachers of Ukrainian language and literature and world literature Barsukova L.M., Chernukha V.S. Satanivska I.V., students visited the Museum of Kobzar, Taras Shevchenko, located in a memorial house (Tsybulsky mansion), where Taras Shevchenko himself lived from July 18 to 22, 1859. This museum is called the only museum in the world of one book. The real estate “Kobzar”, which the whole world now knows about it, was not formed immediately. The first edition was made in St. Petersburg in 1840. In this “Kobzar” included only 8 works of Taras Shevchenko: “Perbendy”, “Catherine”, “Ivan Pidkova”, “Topoli”, “Opinion”, “To Osnovianenko”, “Tarasov’s night” and the poem “My dumas, my thoughts”. Only a few copies of the first “Kobzar” (1840) have survived in the world, therefore one of them is the pride of the Cherkasy Museum. The museum presents another lifetime edition of the poet – “Kobzar” in 1860, this edition turned out to be much more complete than the previous one (17 works and a portrait of Shevchenko). There are many other valuable and not less rare editions of Shevchenko’s works presented in the exhibition – many diaspora editions, almost 40 “Kobzarov”, translated into other languages, a large collection of Shevchenko leaflets, badges, medals, posters, etc.

Together with the teacher of biology and ecology Klymenko O.I. the students visited the Cherkasy Regional Museum of Local Lore, Department of Nature. The exhibits of the five exposition halls of the department of nature tell about the natural wealth of Cherkasy region, their use and protection. The students felt the heroes of the cartoon “Ice Age”. The live mammoth could not be seen, but imagine what kind of look it had, was an opportunity. The museum has probably all the animals that were involved in this cartoon. Scarred animals almost no different from living animals: evil wolves, eagles in flight, squirrel with a nut, and so on.

Together with teachers of biology and ecology Klymenko O.I. and Dovhal L.V. students planted 10 seedlings of oak trees in the school territory.