New Year’s kaleidoscope


On the eve of the winter holidays, the festive mood prevailed in the school. Teachers of English along with students took part in various events devoted to the traditions of celebration of New Year and Christmas in different countries of the world. Pupils of 5-6 classes took an active part in the competition “New Year’s Eve”, prepared by teachers Voitsekhovska O.V. and Klymenko A.V. The children competed in cutting snowflakes, guessing the rebuses, playing the game “Crocodile” and sang the most famous New Year’s songs in English. Teachers Kolomiets L.M. and Tereshchenko I.V. for pupils of grades 7-8 conducted English-language brain-ring “Traditions of celebration of Christmas in English-speaking countries”. 9th grade pupils and teacher Kostenko V.V. competed in the battle “Whose Santa is the best?” Teacher Karbivnycha I.V. and the 10th grade students took part in the intellectual-entertaining quest “New Year’s Eve”, during which students showed not only knowledge of English, but also showed cleverness and ingenuity. Pupils of the 11grade and the teacher Voskolovych Zh.Yu. plunged into a video tour “Meet the New Year for the whole world” where they were able to get acquainted with the unusual and extraordinary traditions of celebration of New Year holidays in different countries.

The events took place in a warm, cheerful and friendly atmosphere of a fabulous holiday.