Academic achievements of 1st semester 2019-2020 academic year


1st semester is completed. We have our achievements at the end of 2019.
29.17% of students in grades 3-11 have solid knowledge and achievements.
32.93% of students have average achievement.
The following students achieved a high level of skills and competences:
3-A class Hladun Anastasia and Zhadinska Kristina
4-A class Mekhnina Polina and Naumenko Daryna
5-A class Opara Yeva and Rozina Veronika
6-A class Skrypnyk Yehor
8-B class Rozina Elzara
11- A class Koval Alina, Kozlovsky Denis, Inozemets Anna and Nehrii Anastasia.
The school’s teaching staff wishes all the students Happy New Year and Christmas.