Scientific camp “Exploring the World”


The work of young scholars who worked during this time in different directions has finished. A group of scientists led by teachers of biology and chemistry Klymenko O.I., Dovhal L.V., Budavitska S.V. visited the laboratories of Cherkassy State Technological University, where they worked with robotics, measured their own energy field, studied the limits of harmful effects of phones, smartphones and tablets, and chose areas of research on biochemistry.
During the period of work in a scientific camp, students created 6 projects under the direction of the teacher of the fundamentals of health Sokur O.I. on the main topics of practice: “An analysis of the diet of modern youth. Fashionable diet”,”Research and analysis of water intake during the day”,”Diseases of civilization, causes that cause them, prevention”, “Smoking and its harmful effects on the health of children and adolescents, prevention”, “Drug addiction: species , signs, methods of prevention”, “AIDS / HIV: ways of transmission of infection, signs, prevention”.
There were conducted practical lessons “Repeat the rules of the road”, “The effect of physical exercises on maintaining a healthy posture”, “The value of vitamins and vitamin-like substances in the formation of health.”
The “School of Business” also worked, where the manager of PrivatBank A.Vovchenko taught students financial literacy. A course on the protection of business projects has been completed.
Working in the project “Study the native land”, the youngest members of the scientific camp (teachers Artiomova U.O., Prudenko V.V.) made a trip to Zernoland. This magnificent place is located in picturesque spaces, near the unique natural barrier, on the border of two geological plateaus. Five-year-olds met with traditional crafts, visited workshops on pottery, weaving, embroidery and paper manufacturing. Mostly disciples liked the master-class in gunfire and crossbow shooting. Schoolgirls made the symbolic larks made from the dough, which, after manufacturing in the center, were given as a present. The five-year-olds tasted the real Cossack Kulish and the fragrant Uzvars. The trip left remarkable impressions for students and their teachers. Also, pupils of the 5-B class created photo collages and presentations about the most interesting trips and excursions that they made during their stay at a science camp. On the last day, united in the creative groups defended their work. The result of two weeks work is the creation of travel routes for the following year. The day ended with a mini concert and fun games.
Teachers of the humanitarian cycle have chosen the direction of our research our city. The architectural heritage of the native city was studied by students of the 10th grade, Cherkasy industrial enterprises were studied by students of the 10th grade, who created projects about PJSC “Yuriy”, the automobile corporation “Bogdan”, the garment factory named after Lesia Ukrainka.
During the scientific camp, the pupils of the 6-A, 6-B, 7-B and 7-V classes worked on the topic “Literature of Cherkasy region” (teacher Solomka O. M.). Camp residents have created and defended projects on the life and work of T. Shevchenko, V. Symonenko, V. Zakharchenko, V. Kovalenko, S. Gorban, V. Paharenko, K. Verbovskaya, V. Polischuk, I. Drobny, N. Gorishnaya, M. Pavlenko Developed lap book devoted to the Great Kobzar. During the practice, the students made a walking tour of the city and honored the glory of the Great Poet near its monument.
Happy children went on summer holidays.