Scientific camp “Exploring the World”


Exercise, exercises, summer quenching – these are components to ensure the immunity of children. Studying the human muscles, static and dynamic load, students of the 8th grade, the campus, found that modern children are less engaged in sports, giving preference to gadgets and computer games. Young researchers, by their own example, argued that outdoor exercise on modern simulators could be interesting, fun and, of course, useful.
The knowledge of road signs, the rules of pedestrians today demonstrated by the citizens of camp. Being a pedestrian is very responsible. Road traffic is a complex process, but its security depends on the actions of each person. Children must strictly adhere to the rules of the road. It is especially important to be able to behave in the street, cross the road and know the rules for pedestrians.
Repetition of traffic rules is a rule of conduct for schoolchildren.
Sixth grade students protected the projects on the topic “Influence of modern technologies on the health of youth” and created the “Online Calendar – 2020″.