Biological Research Practice


This year’s educational practice for students of profile 10-A class was very useful and dynamic. Through collaboration with the Institute of Natural Sciences Cherkasy National University of B.Khmelnytsky students joined the world of modern science. Lecturer in Ecology and argobiology Spriahailo Olexandr Vasyliovych informed the tenth graders with a collection of plants of Botanical Garden of Chernivtsi National University. Through high school scholar learned about the history of the introduction of such rare plants as yew, metasequoia, Horse Chestnut, beech, sycamore. Tour of the Botanical Garden was meaningful and informative. Read the fauna and Ukraine Cherkassy region interns were able to Zoological Museum of the Institute of Natural Sciences. Olha Zubenko offered the students the excursion to Zoological Museum of the University. Students examined the exhibits show of the fauna of Ukraine and the world – vertebrates and invertebrates.

In pursuit of biochemistry and cytology, which held for school teachers of the department of biology and biochemistry Vadym Sokolenko and Sokolenko Svitlana, students were shown samples of normal and abnormal blood, practical skills and implementation of light microscopy techniques with the appliance for electrophoresis of proteins. Students were able to make some manipulations with modern microbiological equipment. Theory and Practice of Genetics and Cytology, which was led by university lecturer Deriia Serhii Ivanovych, were advanced teaching. The students learned to practice with mutant forms of Drosophila, politeness chromosomes, drugs germ cells. Now students are ready for theoretical lessons on genetics, which they will learn in the course of the eleventh grade.

High school students, who were carried away with the practice of modern biological science world and are deeply motivated to know the biological laws in the last year at school.