On your own future!


Students and teachers of the school are active participants in the All-Ukrainian Children’s Union “Ecological Watch”. For the past two decades they have been initiators and have participated in many environmental competitions, festivals and events. This year, the union is over 20 years old and the most active members have been invited to the 10th Ecological Watch Congress. Our delegation consisted of students of 11A class Anna Inozemets, Alina Koval, 11B class Nikita Tovstopiat, 8B class Tetiana Parnachova, coordinator of the city unit, biology teacher Dovhal L.V. and the coordinator of the school unit, biology teacher Klymenko O.I. The congress was held at the National Botanic Garden of NAS of Ukraine named after Grishko M.M. Its participants took part in the actions “Let’s Save the Environment Together”, “We are worthy of the environment”, “Let us guard our future!”. For significant achievements in the field of ecological education and upbringing, formation of ecological outlook, introduction of ideas of balanced development, personal civic position in the field of environmental protection, our teachers Liudmyla Volodymyrivna and Olena Ivanivna were awarded with certificates. The school received a free online ozone action game for use in lessons and educational activities.
Note: Ecological Watch All-Ukrainian Children’s Union is a non-governmental organization that brings together children, adolescents and young people who care about the environment. In its activity the Union is guided by the principles of humanism, openness, voluntariness, creative initiative and activity.