Pirohov open-air museum


Summer holidays continue, but school students spend them actively traveling in different parts of Ukraine. Together with teachers KIymenko O.I. and Solomka O.M. schoolchildren visited the Pirohov open-air museum. This is the largest museum in Ukraine. It is the main ethnographic “treasury” of our country. Here, for 150 hectares, the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life is an open-air architecture and landscape complex that tells about all historical and ethnographic regions of Ukraine.

The museum in Pirohov begins from the mills. Windmills and temples form the image of rural life, creating a sense of genuine immersion in the color of the Ukrainian village. Here you can feel the “soul” of our people. Huts, the oldest of which belong to the 1580′s, are filled with samples of household items, clothes, icons. There is a “park of crafts”, where modern craftsmen, according to old traditions, revive traditional folk crafts, investing in these historical decorations the living spirit of an industrious and merry Ukrainian people. The museum presents the main ethnographic zones of Ukraine (six of them): Polissia, Dnieper, Slobozhanshchyna, Carpathians, Podillia and Tavria.

Pirohovo is a huge live fairy tale, where Ukrainian huts, wide fields, shady paths, mills, pagan stone idols and black and white Orthodox churches are mixed up. It is a wonderful place to relax on the picturesque outskirts of Kyev.