Model UNO-2019. Cherkasy


The city’s diplomatic youth game “Model UNO-2019″ was held last Saturday. School students have taken part in a city game for the fourth time. As a result of the draw, our team from Vladyslav Bosenko (9-A), Anna Panova, Alina Koval, Angelina Gorbunova, Evelina Ignatieva (10-A) and Nikita Tovstopiat (10-B) represented the Turkish Republic. The delegates worked in five committees, discussed current problems, sought ways to overcome them. By the end of the event, a diplomatic ball in the Cherkasy Regional Art Museum was traditionally established.
Note: The UNO model is a business game that simulates the meetings of UNO system committees, and its members act as diplomats, re-establishing the work of the Organization, observing the actual rules of procedure.