International Day of Social Pedagogy


Today, the whole world celebrates the international day of social pedagogue. Modern issues require modern solutions. Therefore, the role of social teacher in school is very important – to listen, explain and help.

For the second year in the school, as a social teacher, Kharchenko Yanina Yurievna works in school, which actively helps students, parents and pedagogical workers. Everyone knows that finding a problem and working out a method of overcoming it is not easy, because the children are usually locked in themselves. Yanina Yurievna knows how to find the key, through which he opens and frees the young person from unnecessary problems and helps to overcome difficulties.

The whole school family congratulates Yanina Yuriivna on the holiday and wishes her success in the vital work of all of us!

Note: The International Day of Social Pedagogy has been celebrated very recently. At the XVII International Conference of Social Teachers, where 44 countries were represented among the participants and which took place in Copenhagen in May 2009, this venerable professional holiday was founded. The value borne by social educators for society cannot be measured by any indicators. Many successful people, who were previously considered to be heavy teens, occupy their worthy places in society, rarely remember their mentors with warm words, feeling a deep sense of respect for them.