We are for safe internet!!!


#SaferInternetDay2020 Day One Today is Safe Internet Week. In the morning, a logo designed specifically for this holiday by 11th-grade student Olha Yudakova was placed in the lobby of the school, an unusual vase on which schoolchildren last year formulated rules of conduct online and now have the opportunity to check whether they are adhered to. The students of 2-A, 2-B classes opened this week, who together with the teachers of computer science Orlenko A.O. and Prudenko V.V. went on a journey of safe internet from Disney. The 5th grade students spent time on forced vacations and prepared tubes that collected all the necessary information about the World Wide Web and how to avoid danger in it. Thematic information hour “Bulling on Social Networks and Its Consequences” was held in the assembly hall for students of 7th grade. For example, social educator Kharchenko Yanina Yuriievna and practicing psychologist Tetiana Lytovchenko told about the causes and consequences of bullying, as well as acquainted the students with ways to avoid persecution on the Internet. During the information hours, classroom teachers of grades 2-11 expanded students’ knowledge about safe internet use.