We are for safe internet!!!


#SaferInternetDay2020 Day Five Summing up Safe Internet Week is over. Over the course of five days, students and teachers have made a great deal of effort to make the space a safe space for themselves, their friends and relatives. Especially for this year’s celebration, 11th-grade student Olha Yudakova developed the original logo. Second grade students together with Orlenko A.O. and Prudenko V.V. set off on a safer Internet trip organized by Disney. Fourth-graders and fifth-graders prepared a lap-book that gathered all the necessary information about the World Wide Web and how to avoid danger in it. The most active participation in the exhibition of the tubes was taken by students of 4-B class (class teacher Polunina Oksana). All the works were original, interesting and creative. The psycho-social service of the school did not stay away: during the thematic information hour for 7th graders “Bulling in social networks and its consequences” social educator Kharchenko Yanina Yuriivna and practicing psychologist Tetiana Lytovchenko told about the reasons and consequences of bulling, as well as schoolchildren with ways to avoid persecution online. Together with the teachers of computer science O.B. Zadyranov and Orlenko A.O. students of the 2nd class watched an animated video «Safe Internet. Petrick’s Most Terrible Week”, learning more about the Internet culture and remembering the rules of online communication, as well as participating in the graphic game “How not to get lost in the Internet”. For students of 6th grades teacher Orlenko А.О. and Prudenko V.V. prepared an information minute “My virtual “I” and in the afternoons students were able to test their knowledge by joining the All-Ukrainian competition “Safe Internet”. At the heart of the competition are interesting and important questions that every child faces when using his / her computer, tablet, smart phone, and online. Orlenko Anastasia Olehivna held an information and educational minute “Social Networks? Do not lose your head!”, in which students discussed current issues of cybercrime, user anonymity and copyright protection on the Internet. Third-graders were also able to join the All-Ukrainian Safe Internet Competition and see how prepared they were to work independently in the Network.
Together with the teachers Prudenko V.V. and Zadyranov O.B. 8-11th grade students joined the Cisco Networking Academies program after giving lectures on cyber security from teachers at leading Ukrainian universities.
Thematic week prompted teachers to find original forms of teaching. For example, teachers Olha Viktorivna Voitsekhovska and Oleksii Borysovych Zadyranov conducted an integrated lesson in English and computer science for 8-A grade students, the main idea of which was to identify the role of social networks in the life of a modern teenager and to develop methods of reducing its negative impact; computer science teachers Prudenko Vladyslav Volodymyrovych and Zadyranov Oleksii Borysovych held an improvised trial over the Internet, during which the students of 11-B class visited the imaginary courtroom, taking on the roles of judge, lawyer, prosecutor, witnesses, and how to deal with the Internet in all the crimes in which it is accused. Foreign language teachers, O.V. Voitsekhovska and I.V. Tereshchenko organized and conducted a competition for public speaking art “Social Networks: Reality VS Virtuality” for 11-A grade students, during which Kozlovskyi Denis, Serhii Lysenko, Anastasia Nehrii and Olha Yudakova demonstrated their skills and shared their thoughts about virtual and live communication. Teachers Oleksandr Sotulenko, Iryna Satanivska and Olha Solomka conducted master classes on media literacy at their lessons. Sokur Oksana Ivanivna, as a leading healthcare specialist, emphasized in her lessons about the dangers that gadgets and the Internet can cause to the physical and psychological health of modern youth; they also can make you to be over-seized. The youngest participants of the week were 1st grade students, who learned about the dangers and benefits of using a computer and took the first steps in computer science, developing mindfulness and mathematical abilities. During the week, the Recreation of the 3rd Floor housed the Wall of Bitter Experience, through which students anonymously shared their problems encountered while browsing the Internet. In the lessons, most of these cases were discussed with them and together they identified the ways to avoid them. For us, a very good signal is that children are not ashamed and can honestly report their problems and mistakes.
We are confident that the activities that have taken place throughout the week will help students, educators and their families feel safe on the web throughout their lives.