We are for safe internet!!!


#SaferInternetDay2020 Day Four The school continues to work on establishing a culture of communication in the Internet. Teachers Voitsekhovska O.V. and Zadyranov O.B. for the 8-A grade students conducted an integrated lesson in English and computer science, the main idea of which was to identify the role of social networks in the life of a modern teenager and to develop methods to reduce its negative impact.
Foreign language teachers Voitsekhovska O.V. and Tereshchenko I.V. for the 11th grade students organized and held an oratory art competition “Social Networks: Reality VS Virtuality”, during which Kozlovskyi Denis, Serhii Lysenko, Anastasia Nehrii and Olha Yudakova demonstrated their English skills and shared their thoughts on the pros and cons of the virtual communication.
Prudenko V.V. and Zadyranov O.B. conducted an impromptu trial of the Internet. 11-B students were able to visit the imaginary courtroom, try on the role of judge, lawyer, prosecutor, witness and to determine whether the Internet is guilty of all the crimes it is accused of.