We are for safe internet!!!


#SaferInternetDay2020 Day Two Pupils continue to deepen their knowledge and skills of safe online work. Secondary school students together with the teachers of computer science Zadyranov O.B. and Orlenko A.O. watched the animated video «Safe Internet. Petrick’s Most Terrible Week “, learning more about the Internet culture and remembering the rules of online communication, as well as participating in the graphic game “How not to get lost in the Internet”. For students of 6th grades teachers Orlenko А.О. and Prudenko V.V. prepared an information minute “My virtual” I “, and in the afternoons students will be able to test their knowledge by joining the All-Ukrainian competition “Safe Internet”. At the heart of the competition are interesting and important questions that every child faces when using his / her computer, tablet, smart phone, and online. Within a week, the 3rd Floor Recreation will feature a Bitter Wall, allowing students to anonymously share their problems encountered while browsing the Internet so other students can avoid them.