Cossack family


Annually the school family celebrates the Day of the Defender of Ukraine and the Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks. 11A class students presented the project “Cold Yar – Myths, Legends, Reality” (coordinators T.H. Kononenko, Sotulenko O.S.). Everyone can see materials in the second floor recreation. Nearby is an exhibition of works by students of the 5th grade, which they made at drawing lessons and labor training (teacher Plakhotnia H.L.). Visitors can see folk and stylized suits made in drawing techniques and appliqués.
For students 5-8 classes in the assembly hall of the school there was an event “To Remember …” Deputy Director of the School for Educational Work Parnachova N.V., spoke about the historical and national aspects of the holiday. Students reviewed the video dedicated to the defenders of Ukraine and our graduate in 2008, Yevhen Podolianchuk, who died during the defense of the Donetsk airport.
A traditional military-patriotic holiday “Cossack fun” was held, which was conducted by teacher of “Defense of the Motherland” Verbytsky S.V., among the students of the 10th form. Senior pupils competed in various types of national sports and military exercises. In the fierce struggle, the 10B class celebrated the victory.
Students of 9-10 classes in the city library of Lesia Ukrainka met with the soldier of the Volunteer Battalion “Golden Gate” by Peter Bilyna, who presented his own book “The war continues. Become a winner! Notes on the Fields of the Russian-Ukrainian War”.
In class 1B (class teacher Ostapenko S.P.), a joint event with class 9B students (class teacher Zasiadko L.V.) was held on the Ukrainian Cossacks. In the regional children’s library students of 4B class (class teacher Harazhun L.V.) took part in the “Cossack entertainment” game. An excursion to the Regional Museum of Local Lore was arranged by 2B class students (class teacher Mykhailenko I.P.), where they reviewed the exposition dedicated to the soldiers who defend our state.