“Country of Adventures” Conference


In the school hall of the school there was a general conference of children’s association “Country of Adventures”. Coordinator of the association Korkishko I.O. congratulated the delegates on the beginning of the school year and wished good affairs and high achievements to the members of the Country of Adventures. Ihor Oleksiovych spoke about the events that will take place in the 2018-2019 school year, especially emphasizing that this year we celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the Academic Council. Korkishko I.O. presented diplomas to the winners of the city review-competition “Art Wonderland of Cherkasy Region” in the nomination “Chittsi” – Ilia Oparin, in the nomination “Humor” – Yuri Vovkotrub and Vladyslav Babiienko. Conference delegates approved the work plan for the year, reviewed the multimedia presentations “Adventure Country” and “Academic Council”.
At the conference, the winners of the city and regional competitions were nominated as academicians: Nikita Makarenko (6A), Yuri Vovkotrub, Kiril Hrinenko (7B), Danyil Parnachov (8A) and Marina Rumiantseva (11A).