Photo collage with graduates


There are posters in the foyer of the school, depicting graduates from 2018. This year, the school graduated 35 students. Among them are regional scholars, winners of the All-Ukrainian stage of the competition for the protection of scientific research works of the Small Academy of Sciences, winners of the II and III stages of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad on basic disciplines, the Vice-Speaker of the City Student Inter-parliamentary Assembly, activists of school self-government.

Graduates of 2018 are the participants and prize-winners of Ukrainian events: the Biological Forum “Touch of Nature”, the tournament of young biologists, the contest of environmental projects “DreamEco”, the scientific conference on energy efficiency, the contest “Water Prize”, finalists of the television project “Voice.Children”, Urban – Debate Tournaments, Student Contest “Memory of the Heart”, DUP festivals, UN Model Game.

We invite everyone to graduation party!