Performed Song Festival


Day Three. The whole-school festival of performed songs reached its end. The last revision demonstrated creative students of grades 9-11 staging notable originality, artistry and rhythm. The story of an unusual birthday celebration viewers saw in the performance of students of 10A class (class teacher Artiomova U.O.). 9A class (class teacher Draka O.V.), 9B class (class teacher Kononenko T.H.) and 10B class (class teacher Budavitska S.V.) through the art of dance shared issues of concern to today’s youth. Patriotism and love for the motherland was riddled in staging songs of 11A class (class teacher Dovhal L.V.).

Performed song festival, which was held on the initiative of the Academic Board of Children’s Association “Land of Adventure” and artistic and aesthetic Committee of the School Parliament once more, proved that schoolchildren are creative, talented and socially active.