Festival of Humane Pedagogy


Teacher of labor studies Plakhotnia H.L. took part in the work of the IV Lviv Festival of Humane Pedagogy. The event took place on the basis of the National University “Lviv Polytechnic” on the theme “Family – the flair of culture of mankind”. The organizers chose the words from the song V. Krischenko “The Only Family, as the Perennial Granule, on the Immersed Field of Life” by the motto of the festival. Within three days, its participants took part in master classes, trainings, panel discussions and discussions on topics related to family and family upbringing: the spiritual foundation of the family, the role of women in the family and the upbringing of the younger generation, the importance of the person’s parents in educational process. Within the heading “Wreath ethno-pedagogy”, were representatives of various national communities living on the territory of our country, with the “features of upbringing in the Polish national tradition”, “traditional values ​​of the Jewish family”, “features of the Muslim family”.

On the results of the three festival days Halyna Leonidivna received a certificate of the participant of the IV Lviv Festival of Humane Pedagogy. The acquired knowledge will be shared with colleagues by teachers of labor education and will be implemented in their work.