To new meetings in “Explore the World”

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So, the interesting and rich work of the scientific camp was completed.

Schoolchildren actively participated in various events, where they could not only learn something new but also have a good rest. Students became active participants in the first climatic picnic “Ecological Challenge”, which took place within the framework of the Days of Sustainable Energy in Cherkasy. Picnic work was carried out in 10 locations. The students of our school represented work in the location number 4 (leaders Klymenko O.I., Sokyrka V.M.). The Ecological Theater School (art directors Korkishko I.O., Dovhal L.V.) highlighted climate change and energy efficiency issues in the presentation. At the picnic the Hymn of the Ecological Guard was performed by Yefrosinia and Nina Kolomiets. The students collected the puzzle “Get a planet”, played climatic games, participated in energy efficient trainings.

Together with the teachers of Ukrainian language and literature and world literature Satanivska I.V., Chernukha V.S. the students visited the central city library for children, where the video cassettes on the topic “Tours of literary works” were viewed in the library salon. The protection of the mini-projects “Literary Cherkashchyna” (leader Solomka O.M.) took place. During the work on the projects, the students created thematic folders with descriptions of the creativity of writers Kateryna Verbovska, Maryna Pavlenko, Ivan Drobnyk, Olexandr Solodar, Natalia Horynsna, Olha Mesjevi, Svitlana Gorban, Vasyl Zakharchenko, Valentina Kovalenko, Oksana Galayeva, Liudmila Taranenko.

Having fruitfully worked under the direction of the biology teacher Klymenko O.I., the students presented the results of their work by protecting the projects “Gene engineering”, “Biotechnology”, “Interesting ichthyology”, “The lids of the bio-indicators of cleanliness of the air”, “There is no Ukraine without willow and gooseberry”. The author’s projects were interestingly presented and decorated with drawings and illustrations. Students have demonstrated profound knowledge of the topic they studied.

We hope that the acquired knowledge in the “Explore the World” camp will help students to translate their ideas into creative work and adequately present them to the competition for the defense of scientific works of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.