Until We Meet Again, «Sunshine»!


In the assembly hall of the school closing ceremony of the summer language camp «Sunshine» was held. Within three weeks the children were able to learn and rest and relax while studying. Greeted the students the chief of the camp Karbivnycha I.V., who wished all present a good rest during the summer months and presented awards to the most active pupils of the camp. Thanks to the hard work of teachers of foreign languages ​​Tereshchenko I.V., Voskolovych Zh.Yu., Voitsekhovska O.V., Kolomiets L.M., Semenova N.V., Draka O.V., Mazur O.Ye., students relaxing in camp, deepened their knowledge of English, French and German and visited different parts of the city. They were able to participate in drama and puppet theaters, and country-musicological circles, watching a video in English. The camp sessions held interest: making various hand-made, learning songs and poems in foreign languages. Also in camp worked art studio, where students were able to master the technology “Vytynanka”; drew pictures, made applications. Students participated in role-playing vocabulary games, made trips to the Children’s Library and the Library named after Lesia Ukrainka, where they learned about attractions, traditions and festivals of English-speaking countries, France and Germany. Students had the opportunity to visit the museum and take part in a master class with the manufacturing of clay pottery restoration.

Pupils actively participated in sports competitions conducted by physical training teacher Verbytskyi S.V. Daily work of camp is out on the stands in the recreation of the school. Children tried to communicate in foreign languages. Relaxed atmosphere that prevailed in the language camp allowed children to relax, get a lot of positive emotions and thus increase the language skills.

Until We Meet «Sunshine»!