To the new meetings “SUNSHINE”


#GoCamp2019 Day 10
The solemn closing of the summer language camp “SUNSHINE-2019″ was held. This annual camp was extraordinary, as we were working on the Go-Camp project. During two weeks, together with the French volunteer, Clara Lo Fermo, the children were studying for a vacation. While in camp, schoolchildren worked on the “Animal World” project, developed critical thinking skills and oratory skills. Working on the module “Speaking club”, “Songs” were able to demonstrate their creative abilities. In addition to the practice of oral communication, the formation of informational competence (the ability to independently acquire, analyze, use information) and the formation of social competence (the ability to work in a group, in pairs, assuming responsibility for the task) was foreseen. As a result of the work on the project were made wonderful posters, booklets, booklets on the life of animals and even an aquarium.
During camp-time, students have deepened their knowledge of English and French. Attended the children’s park, the Valley of Roses, became active participants of the Resource Center “Window to America”, joined the celebration of the Days of Sustainable Energy in the city. The hosting of the camp left a lot of pleasant memories and impressions.
All sunshine people sunny summer and fun holidays!