Days of sustainable energy


Today in the city days of sustainable energy began. Our school is one of the initiators and organizers of this important city event. During the week, educational events for adults and children will take place at various locations in the city. They will tell you why protect energy, how it can work and how it affects our environment.

At the opening of the Days of Sustainable Energy, which took place on the steps of the City Hall, invited to revise the play “Tomorrow Will Coming the Sun”, the Ecological Theater School (art directors Korkishko I.O., Dovhal L.V.)

Students residing in school camps, took part in the interactive climate game “Karbrokki”, together with Kolomiets sisters performed the anthem of the Ecological Guard. The 10A class students played with the Cherkasy officials in the “Climatic teambuilding of government”.

The days of sustainable energy will last until June 7. We invite everyone to visit interesting and instructive events!