Children’s Day


On the first day of summer, every year in all parts of the world there are events dedicated to children. Open lessons are held in schools and kindergartens, and actions and flash mobs are held on the streets. The pandemic has made its adjustments, so despite the quarantine; school students joined the celebration of International Children’s Day online. Pupils took part in the challenge “My most important right” remembering the rights of children. International Children’s Day is a reminder to adults of the need to respect children’s rights to life, freedom of thought and religion, education, recreation and leisure, protection from physical and psychological violence, protection from exploitation of child labor as necessary conditions for humane and a just society.
Note: International Children’s Day is celebrated annually on June 1. This day was established in November 1949 in Paris by a decision of the session of the Council of the International Democratic Federation of Women. The first International Children’s Day was celebrated in 1950. The United Nations has supported this initiative and declared the protection of the rights, life and health of children to be one of its priorities.