Civil Protection Day 2019


Today the school hosted a Day of Civil Protection and object training.
The day began with the gathering of the leadership, where the head of the staff of the civil defense of the school, deputy director of educational work Parnachova N.V. announced the purpose and tasks of the present, and acquainted with the timetable for holding the Central Election Day at school.
During the “Emergency Action” information hour, students expanded their knowledge of actions in emergencies. During the day “Corners of Civil Protection” were created, exhibitions of posters, bulletins and drawings were in operation. Elementary school students reviewed the educational cartoons “ABC Security”, learned to use gas masks, respirators and cotton gauze bandages. Practical skills during the First Dosage Assistance course were received by 10-B grade students. The 10th grade students reviewed the film about the events on April 26, 1986 in Chernobyl – a man-made ecological and humanitarian catastrophe caused by two thermal explosions and the subsequent destruction of the fourth power unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
Attention to everyone! The participants of the educational process were notified of an emergency situation and acted in accordance with the Response Plan and the Instruction on personnel actions in the event of an emergency. Teachers of the course “Protection of the Motherland” Verbytskyi S.V. and Plakhotnia H.L. conducted complex training “Actions in Extreme Situations” during which the students of the 11-A class demonstrated acquired skills from the first premeditated care and transferred to the victim.
Training sessions involved the specialized formation of civil protection: a link of observation (commander Budavitska S.V.), a medical link (commander Plakhotnia H.L.), a fire extinguishing link (commander O. B. Boichenko), a link to the protection of public order (commander Nechyporenko S.O.), communication and alert (commander O. B. Zadyranov), evacuation unit (commander I.V. Karbivnycha). The assessment of their actions was carried out as deployment and readiness and during the execution of work on the evacuation of people and the elimination of the fire.
All measures implemented contributed to increasing the sustainability of work in an emergency, as well as improving the skills of the personnel of the formations of the Central Committee in fulfilling their assigned tasks.