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Three first, two second and one third places were won by our scientists in the regional stage of the All-Ukrainian competition for defense of research works of the JAS. The absolute winners were: Anastasia Nehrii (11A) in the department: Literary Studies, Folklore and Art Studies, section: “Foreign Literature” with the work “The Mouth of the Clown: Narrative Strategies” (supervisor V.S. Chernukha); Anastasia Dorofeeva (9A) in the department: Chemistry and Biology, sections: Valeology with the work “Some features of adaptation of first-graders studying under the educational programs of NUS-2 and the scientific-pedagogical project” Intellect of Ukraine “and Nikita Tovstopiat (11B) in the department: “Ecology and agrarian sciences”, sections “Environmental protection and rational use of nature” with the work “The project of an autonomous station of water treatment for a separate household using five-lids as carriers of bio film” (scientific supervisor Dovhal L.V.) received I places. Anna Inozemets (11A) in the department: “Chemistry and biology”, sections: “Chemistry” with the work “Intensification of sewage treatment using cavitations processes” (scientific supervisor S.V. Budavitska) and Vladyslav Bosenko (10A) with the work “Research negative influence of impurities of atmospheric air on the state of health of human hair” in the department:”Chemistry and biology”, section “Medicine” (scientific supervisor Klymenko O.I.) won the second place. The third place was won by Alina Koval (11A) with the work “Formation of the local lore movement in Cherkasy region (on the example of the Cherkasy organization of the National Union of Local Lore of Ukraine)” in the department: “History”, section: “Historical Lore” (scientific supervisor Parnachova N.V.).
We congratulate the students and their scientific leaders on their undeniable victory, and we wish Anastasia Nehrii, Anastasia Dorofeeva and Nikita Tovstopiat a brilliant performance at the All-Ukrainian stage!

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