Bober – 2016


The results in the international competition in computer science and computer literacy “Bober”have been received.

This year 24 students of 5-9-graders and 61student of elementary school participated in the contest “Bober”. Doing interesting tasks, students demonstrated their knowledge of computer science, algorithms and programming systems, calculus, history of computing, performed tasks to test logical thinking and spatial representation.

As a result of competition 13 pupils won certificates certifying their high knowledge: Solomaha Sofia (6A); Mishchenko Nazar, Rudoman Diana, Skalko Margarita, Kaliuzhna Olexandra, Levina Kateryna, Volodymyr Nazarenko, Dorofieieva Anastasia, Daniil Poliakov (5A); Ogorodnyi Borys, Stepanchuk Roman, Chepurna Anna, Inozemets Anna  (7A), 6 students received certificates attesting their good knowledge of computer science: Bosenko Vladyslav (6A), Alina Koval, Anastasia Nehrii, Osiian Ivan (7A), Parnenko Vladyslav (7B ), Rozhchenko Dmytro (9B).

We hope that next year the number of participants and winners of this competition will increase, and greater number of students can test their knowledge in computer science.