Motherland Starts with You


The results of whole-school project “Motherland begins with you” are ready. It was held on the initiative of the School Parliament for a year and brought together students of 1-11 grades. Based on the main principles and objectives of the Concept of national-patriotic education of children and youth project formed an intelligent person who has high moral and spiritual values, patriotism, aware of belonging to the Ukrainian people, thoroughly studying local history. The revival of Ukrainian national culture is impossible without knowledge of the historical past, Ukrainian folk festivals that have come to us from antiquity and implementation and application in modern life.

During the project, students creatively came to writing essays, short stories, poems, sayings and slogans, made photos and drawings that were presented at exhibitions and opening days. Results of the project were summed up during the second whole-school festival of patriotic songs. For the attention of the audience was offered a multimedia presentation which presented the best works of the “Motherland begins with you.”

School Parliament is waiting for proposals from students to start in place a new interesting project. Your suggestions you can give to the speaker of school parliament Lilia Saiun.