# 19 Event Digest


Dear friends!
Congratulations on the end of this busy year.
2019 is over, but our work is ongoing.

We are entering a new decade with you – purposeful, creative, modern educators. We invite you to remember the successes of the year, think of great times, important situations and remember interesting people.
All-Ukrainian victory
A resounding victory was won by 10B student Nikita Tovstopiat (teacher Dovhal L.V.) in the All-Ukrainian stage of the Olympiad in ecology. Perseverance and thorough knowledge have helped Nikita to win the 2nd place and in golden letters to write his name in the history of the school as the winner of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad.
2019 Water Prize
10th grade students Anna Inozemets and Nikita Tovstopiat took part in the All-Ukrainian Youth Water Prize. Following the competition, Anna Inozemets became a super-finalist and was awarded the Star on the Walk of Fame Aqua term, and Nikita Tovstopiat received a special distinction and a free pass to the Ecological Congress in Lviv. The students’ works are practical and can be used to improve drinking water and water management not only in Ukraine but in the world.
Ecological tale
Two awards were given to students at the IX Ecological Fairytale City Competition. Yaroslav Solodkyi (9A) won the 2nd place in the category of environmental videos on the theme “Water from the reservoir to the apartment”, and Arina Riabukha (5A) received the nomination for independence by producing a lube on the topic “Water use in everyday life” (coordinators Klymenko O.I. , Dovhal L.V.)
Day of Harmony in nature
For the third year in a row, the whole school family gathers together in a charming eco-friendly corner of our city. Pupils, parents and teachers traveled along the green paths of Victory Park. The students visited and performed tasks at poetry, song, art, math, sports stations, answered difficult foreign language questions, participated in zoo quest, moved to cheerful music. After successfully completing the tasks at the route stations, a quest at the zoo was waiting for the students. Day of harmony in nature left unforgettable and incredible impressions for students.
A socially active school is a socially active student
The celebration of Intellect, Pride and Talent was held at the Ivan Kulyk City House of Culture. The desire to achieve a dreamed goal, to know the world, purposefulness, working capacity and hard work, the ability to see problems in the modern world, to try to explore and solve them – these are the characteristic traits of students who today received awards for winning Olympics, competitions, tournaments and contests.
Inclusive class release
The first inclusive class in the city of Cherkasy was issued. Eleven years old children with special educational needs received education. It was difficult to work, because the first paved the way, but also easy, because great trust was placed on teachers and the school as a whole. Behind is an external independent evaluation, and ahead of them is a choice.
Meeting with the French
The school met with representatives of the French Embassy. The guests of the school were Mr. Fabris Peto, French Embassy Cooperation Attaché at the French Embassy in Ukraine, Mr. Eric Pessan, writer, project manager for the French Cultural Institute at the French Institute in Paris, and Ms. Marie-Charlotte Baudur, French and French language project manager of Sciences of the French Institute in Paris.
 # GoCamp2019
This annual camp had a new format as the school became a member of the GoCamp 2019 project. A volunteer from France, Clara Lo Fermo, came to the school. A lot has been done during this time: dozens of unforgettable interactive games, motions and fun events in French and English.
Student organizer
According to the tradition of the school, every student receives a diary on the first of September. But this year, as part of the Democratic School project, students receive a personal organizer. A creative group consisting of representatives of the school self-government and the teaching staff developed the organizer design. It includes the following sections: “My class”, “Together”, “My lessons”, “Come in time”, “My mood”, “Coloring-anti-stress”, “I have the right”, “Emergency response”, “#Stop Bulling”.
Mayor Distinction
The project participants of the School Sustainable Development Workshop received a thank you letter from the mayor. School Family Awarded for Outstanding Contribution to Organization and Participation in European Sustainable Energy Week 2019.
“For the sake of healthy and joyful schoolchildren”
For the second year in a row, the school is an active participant in the Healthy Schools project: for the sake of healthy and joyful students. This is a unique social program implemented by the CSR Development Center and Mondelēz International Foundation, which aims to promote healthy nutrition, physical activity and the conscious attitude of students to their own health.
The parcel of success
In the spring the school joined the All-Ukrainian sports project “Succeeding Success”. Within the project physical education teacher O.V. Dikhtiarenko participated in a three-day training held in Kyiv. The Klitschko Foundation Charity Award for Active Participation in the Project has awarded the School a Success Parcel, which consists of footballs, basketballs and volleyballs, playgrounds, jump ropes, sports chips, pumps and stopwatches.
Teacher of the Year – 2020
Every year our school’s teachers take part in a festival of professional excellence. In this year’s competition, the school was represented by chemistry teacher Budavitska Svitlana. During October, one by one, the tests in the first stage of professional mastery of the All-Ukrainian Competition “Teacher of the Year – 2020” continued. Svitlana Volodymyrivna has won the city stage of the All-Ukrainian contest “Teacher of the Year – 2020″.
Olympiad “For Lesson”
The students of the school became participants of the fourth Olympiad from the educational project “For Lesson”. In the All-Ukrainian rating of schools in the Cherkasy region, the school ranked in the top three.
Start of the project # My class 2019-20
The Changing School is about us! For a year now, the school community has been actively involved in various projects. This year, after a heated discussion, students, parents and teachers have decided to present the work of classmates by creating a school-wide project – “# My class 2019-20″
Know your land, Ukraine and the world
The students of the school became participants of the First Cherkasy Regional Geographical and Local History Dictation “Know Your Land, Ukraine and the World”. The intellectual event was held at the Institute of International Relations, History and Philosophy of the Cherkasy National University of B.Khmelnytskyi aimed at promoting geographic and local lore among the Cherkasy city school youth, district centers, towns and villages of Cherkasy region. The school was represented by 11th grade students Alina Koval, Anhelina Horbunova, Anna Inozemets. As a result of the event, all the girls took first place.
The results of the second stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiads in basic disciplines are summarized. This year, the students won thirty victories. Two first, two second and seventeen third places have been added to the “Gold Treasure of the School”
We nurture our mother tongue
Students presented the school with dignity at the second stage of the IX Taras Shevchenko International Language and Literature Competition. According to the results, 5th grade student Veronika Rozina (teacher L.M. Barsukova), 6th grade Nika Tropina (teacher Honchar T.A.) and 11A class student Anastasia Nehrii (teacher Satanivska I.V.) took third places. According to the results of the third stage of the XIX International Competition in Ukrainian named after Petro Yatsyk, 4A class student Daryna Naumenko (teacher Motrenko S.M.) won for the second time in a row the 1st place and will represent the region at the All-Ukrainian stage.
Young scientists
For a consecutive year, students of the school are active participants in the All-Ukrainian competition for defense of research works of the Academy of Sciences. This year the students of the school won 6 victories at the First stage of the All-Ukrainian competition for defense of research works of JAS.

May the new decade be for us all the time,
when all the trouble is left behind,
and ahead there will only be opportunities !!!