17 moments of the year: the brightest events


At the end of the passing year, it was decided to summarize and recall the most interesting and important events that took place in our school. Most of them are important for further school development.

All-Ukrainian project “Development of social cohesion of subjects of educational process”

Since January 2017, the All-Ukrainian project “Development of social cohesion of subjects in the educational process” is being implemented at the school. The school family became an active participant in this project


Participation in the XVI All-Ukrainian Championship on Computer Science Technologies “EcoSoft” in Kyiv. As a result of the work of the jury and thanks to the hard work Anna Inozemets (8-A) in the nomination “Animation” with her project “Mom – not just a word” won the 1st place, and Pronkurov Bohdan (11-A) with the project “Ecological problems of Cherkasy »took the third place in the category” Short films”

Day of success

In the school hall, we solemnly congratulated students who became winners of the Olympiads, JAS and educational contests. Awards were given to: Iryna Vovk, Natalia Kolomiets, Alisa Fartushnia, Inna Podhorna, Olha Bilous, Yelyzaveta Tsyhannyk (10B), Anastasia Vyshomirska (10A), Kateryna Zasiadko (11A), Maria Biletska, Victoria Solomakha (9A), Zalanda Ahmed, Denis Kozlovsky (9B) Anna Inozemets, Alina Koval, Anastasia Nehrii (8A), Lilia Shevchenko (8B), Vladyslav Tonkonoh, Artem Smotrytel, Yaroslav Solodky (7A), Bohdana Vodolaz (5A). Thanks to teachers for the preparation of the students: Dovhal L.V., Klymenko O.I., Budavitska S.V., Draka O.V., Parnachova N.V., Koval V.I., Zasiadko L.V., Sotulenko O.Yu., Sokyrka V.M., Zadyranov O.B., Mykytenko A.А. and Satanivska I.V.

Day of Unity

This day is remembered by all, since it was held in a rather unusual form. At that time, students and parents performed duties as teachers, and teachers were pupils. Instead of traditional lessons, the lessons of “The Works of Beauty”, “Lessons of Good” and “Lessons of the Aunt Owl” took place, and funny breaks combined the entire elementary school into a bigger vehicle.

We are working together

A meeting was held with representatives of the twin city Bydgoszcz (Poland). Director of the European Institute of the University of Economics in Bydgoszcz, Professor Svitlana Kashuba, Director of the Center for Polish Education and Integration Alexei Dokuchaev, Head of the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine Mr. Tomas Dederko and Head of the Cherkasy NGO “Polish Cultural Center named after Karol Shymanovsky” Genadiy Kazimirovich Linievich together with the director of the school Tkachenko T.Ye. held talks on creating a Polish-Ukrainian cultural education center for the students of the city

Infomatrix – 2017

In the international competition Infomatrix – 2017 Ukraine represented 7 participants. The student of the 8-th class Anna Inozemets appeared in the final of the competition “Mom – not a simple word” in the nomination “Computer Art” and for the second time became the owner of the bronze medal of the international competition.

Day of harmony in nature

On the initiative of children and parents, the entire school family conducted classes in nature. Realizing the concept of sustainable development, schoolchildren learned to be united with nature. All the actions took place on the territory of Cherkasy city park of Victory

Workshop on sustainable development

Our school has good traditions in work on environmental conservation projects. The World Workshop on Sustainable Development began work on World Environment Day. A representative of the French company “Bethen Enginery” Quentin Boulanger came to visit us. During the meeting students took part in the “Mobile Garden” master class, interesting contests, quizzes, competitions and learned how to make compost

All-Ukrainian project “School of Energy 2.0″

The summing up of the All-Ukrainian project was held in a cozy and comfortable boarding house “Slavskii”, which gladly met the young energy managers of our school. Participants of the energy camp met with scientists who gave lectures on the generation of solar energy, the manufacture of solar panels and the principles of the functioning of a “smart house”, ascended to the mountain Zakhar Berkut to enjoy the incredible landscapes and charge with the energy of the Carpathians.

Internship in France

Students of the 8th grade Artem Smotrytel and Ivan Postolenko have undergone linguistic internships in France. This became possible thanks to the French-language center “Alliance”, which organized the internship under the program “Meteorite”. The guys visited Paris and Rosheuwari. During the internship, Artem and Ivan deepened their knowledge of the French language, communicated with their carriers, and became acquainted with the historical and cultural heritage of France. The main purpose of the internship was to prepare DELF examinations

Joint project with the French company Betten Enginery

On the eve of the introduction in Ukraine a new law on separate collection of garbage from January 1, 2018, the school is the first in Cherkasy to have even more thorough and European waste disposed of. With the assistance of our foreign partners, the French company Bethen Enginery and the public organization “Ukraine without garbage”, a composting plant for the recycling of organic wastes appeared and started to work

Energy Efficiency Training

Training on energy efficiency was held in the village of Vorgaev, Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi district. The event was held at the Information and Educational Center “Ecological Guard”. The training program of the project “Cherkasy Green Energy” was attended by teachers of the schools Dovhal L.V., Artiomova U.O., Budavitska S.V. and KIymenko O.I.

Our school is our motherland

Participation in the project “Development of social cohesion of the subjects of the educational process” inspired the school family to interesting, creative transformations. Due to the troublesome work of students, parents, teachers and technical staff in this school year, the main entrance to the school shone with the sun and all the colors of the rainbow, the flowers found a new home in modern vases, and the walls encourage the kids to study the alphabet and the multiplication table

Indie Medie Camp-2017

Pidhorna Inna and Inozemets Anna participated in the Indie Medie Camp-2017 artistic media camp. While staying, the student learned to express their views through various artistic and media methods got acquainted with interesting people and talented children from other regions of Ukraine

Touch of Nature – 2017

The 11B grade pupils Natalia Kolomiets and Iryna Vovk (head Dovhal L.V.) became the winners of the All-Ukrainian Biological Forum “Touch of Nature”. Girls got an invaluable experience in conducting scientific discussions protecting their scientific achievements, met future young scholars from all over Ukraine

Project “My Class is Best – 2017″

A changing school is about us. Already for a year, we are actively working in various projects. Participation in the project inspired school self-government to launch a school project “My class is the best”

2017 – Year of growth of school financing

The year has become incredibly special in terms of upgrading and updating the school. During this year the first floor was renovated, renovations completed in the gym, complete replacement of windows, renovation and modernization of the assembly hall of the school. Capital expenditures for this year amounted to 2399019 UAH. Current repair of school premises cost 159641 UAH. From the city development budget for the sports hall for the purchase of basketball shields was allocated 49950 UAH, 9400 UAH on the modern “Swedish wall”