18 TOP events of the year


On the eve of the New Year it is necessary to look back, remember all the best in the passing year, to build the future… Therefore, in this description, we tried to cover all the landmark events of 2018, looking at them through the prism of the future. This is also an opportunity once more to remember the successes of the year, think about the wonderful moments, important situations and remember the interesting people.

The start of the reform of the New Ukrainian School

Education, as always, notwithstanding, but possible, and countering the gloomy challenges of reality, is not only stable and stable, but also capable of significant change. A large number of people worked on reform and tried to take into account the best practices in the world, so that Ukrainian students already began to receive qualitatively new education. The start of the reform was preceded by large-scale preparation, aimed at three major changes: the creation of a new educational environment, a new content of education and retraining of teachers. http://school3.ck.ua/en/nova-ukra%D1%97nska-shkola/

“Inclusive education – the level of consciousness of the nation”

Within the framework of the working visit to our school the Head of the Charitable Foundation Poroshenko – Marina Poroshenko visited. Together with the head of the Cherkasy Regional State Administration Yuriy Tkachenko Marina Anatolievna visited classes where children with special educational needs study. http://school3.ck.ua/en/inklyuzivna-osvita-riven-svidomosti-naciї/

Eco-Friendly – 2018 and ITALENT-2018

In Kiev, the 16th All-Ukrainian Information Technology Championship “EcoSoft” took place. As a result of the work of the jury and thanks to the hard work, Anna Foreigner in the category “Extraordinary creative development” won the 1st place with his project “History of One Puppies”. http://school3.ck.ua/en/ekosoft-2018/ Anna also took part in the 3rd All-Ukrainian competition on IT projects ITALENT. She presented an animation project “The History of One Puppies”. With her idea, script, and implementation Anna’s work was able to attract the attention of the audience and was appreciated: among several dozen participants she took the 2nd place. http://school3.ck.ua/en/italent-2018/

Climatic Education – 2018

Teachers of biology Dovhal L.V. and Klymenko O.I. took part in the All-Ukrainian Forum “Climatic Education – 2018″. The event took place in Kyiv in order to share experience with the best practices for integrating environmental issues into formal and informal education. http://school3.ck.ua/en/klimatichna-osvita-2018/

Day of Harmony in Nature and Day of Unity

Realizing the concept of sustainable development, the entire school family studied unity with nature. All the action took place on the territory of Cherkasy city park Victory. http://school3.ck.ua/en/den-garmoniї-v-prirodi-2/. And during the Unity Day on the lessons of the Partnership, the parents came to the school who freely shared their experiences, held various games and master classes for the students. http://school3.ck.ua/en/uroki-partnerstva/

European tourism on the map of Cherkasy region

Student 9B class Lilia Shevchenko won the 1st place in the regional festival-competition “European Tourism on the map of Cherkasy region”. Lilia gained her victory in the Essay nomination by writing it on “European values ​​in my school”, where she talked about tolerant attitude towards people with special needs. http://school3.ck.ua/en/yevropejskij-turizm-na-mapi-cherkashhini/

Day of science

Once again, schoolchildren entered into unity with the science of higher education. Kovalenko Stanislav Volodymyrovych, Head of the Department of Anatomy and Human Physiology, Dr.Sci., Professor of the Institute of Physical Education and Sport of the Chernivtsy National University, Svetlana Sokolenko, Ph.D., associate professor of the Department of Biology and Biochemistry of the Institute of Natural Sciences of Cherkasy National University them B. Khmelnitsky, Vadim Leonidovich Sokolenko, Ph.D., associate professor of the Department of Biology and Biochemistry of the Institute of Natural Sciences of Cherkassy National University. B. Khmelnitsky http://school3.ck.ua/en/den-nauki-v-shkoli/

The community-active school is a socially active student

The entire school family gathered at the Ivan Kulyk Town House of Culture to honor the winners of contests, competitions, tournaments, festivals and sports events.http://school3.ck.ua/en/gromadsko-aktivna-shkola-gromadsko-aktivnij-uchen/

All-Ukrainian victory

The third stage of the competition for the protection of scientific research works of the students of the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine was held. Among the participants of the competition – a pupil of our school, who got the right to represent their area in the branches of “Ecology and Agrarian Sciences” and “Chemistry and Biology”. The 11th-Blasu pupil Kolomiets Natalia and Vovk Iryna won silver medals at the All-Ukrainian stage of the competition for the defense of research works of the Small Academy of Sciences.http://school3.ck.ua/en/vseukra%D1%97nska-peremoga/

Winning the FLEX program

Student 11-A class Dennis Kozlovsky won the FLEX program. For the school family, this is an extraordinary event because for the first time in the history of the school the opportunity to deepen its knowledge abroad has gained an inclusive student. http://school3.ck.ua/en/novini-z-za-okeanu/

New Ukrainian school in action

Since the first of September, the first steps in the first form of reforming the educational process have been taken. 95 first-graders started a trip to the “Country of Knowledge” under the program of the New Ukrainian School. Each student has his own separate desk, organizer for storing things, children have the opportunity to develop imagination and logic through the designers of Lego and 6 bricks, playing soft toys. Classes are fully equipped with bright thematic stands, through which students learn about interesting and useful things.  http://school3.ck.ua/en/nova-ukra%D1%97nska-shkola-v-di%D1%97/http://school3.ck.ua/tematichni-tizhni-nush/

School workshop is sustainable

“Use multiple – save nature!” Under this slogan “School workshop of sustainable development” began its work.http://school3.ck.ua/en/majsternya-stalogo-rozvitku/

Online Olympiad “For Lesson”

Received the results of the 2nd All-Ukrainian Internet Olympiad “On the lesson. Fall 2018”. Our school students became one of the most active participants among the schools of Ukraine and entered the ten most active schools, and the teacher of informatics Orlenko A.O. got into the top ten most active teachers of the Internet Olympiad “For a lesson. Fall 2018 ».http://school3.ck.ua/en/internet-olimpiada-na-urok/

Charity from the heart

The school family has joined the World Charity Movement “Generous Tuesday” .
The school became a participant of the social program “HealthySchools: for the sake of healthy and joyful schoolchildren”. http://school3.ck.ua/en/blagodijnist-vid-sercya/

Teacher of the Year – 2019

School teachers Draka O.V. and Harazhun L.V. became the laureates of the II (regional) tour of the All-Ukrainian contest “Teacher of the Year -2019″. http://school3.ck.ua/en/healthy-schools/

Friends Forever

A pleasant surprise was the meeting with Jason Marks, who worked as a Peace Corps volunteer and for two academic years taught English for our students. http://school3.ck.ua/en/druzi-nazavzhdi/

Pride of the school

The results of the II stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad on basic disciplines were summed up. This year, schoolchildren won twenty-one wins. To the “golden treasury of the school” added the first two, two second and seventeen third places. http://school3.ck.ua/en/pidbito-pidsumki-ii-etapu-vseukra%D1%97nskix-olimpiad/. The students duly presented the school on ІІ Stage IX of the International Taras Shevchenko Literary Contest. According to his results, the pupil of the 11-A class Tetiana Zelenko and 5-A class Nika Tropina took the third place.  http://school3.ck.ua/en/konkurs-imeni-tarasa-shevchenka-3/  According to the results of the III stage of the XIX International Competition on the Ukrainian Language named after Petro Yatsyk, for the first time in the history of the 3A class pupil’s school, Darina Naumenko won the 1st place and won the right to represent Cherkassy the region at the All-Ukrainian stage. http://school3.ck.ua/en/bezzaperechna-peremoga-2/

Have fun and a happy 2019 year!